Path of Blood

Path of Blood

Director: Jonathan Hacker

Screening time: 10.04.2019. 21:00

Screening location: Kinoteka

Runtime: 91 min

Awards: Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival; nomination: Best Testimony on Politics


Path of Blood depicts Islamist terrorism, as it has never been seen. Drawn from a hoard of jihadi home-movie footage captured by Saudi security services, this is the story of Muslim terrorists targeting Muslim civilians and brought to justice by Muslim security agents. The raw, unvarnished footage, to which the filmmakers negotiated exclusive access, captures young thrill-seekers at jihadi “boot camp” deep in the Saudi desert, having signed on to overthrow the Saudi government. They plot to detonate car bombs in downtown Riyadh, become embroiled in a game of cat-and-mouse with government forces and, as their plans unravel, resort to ever more brutal tactics. 

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