Noble Savage

Noble Savage

Director: Marco Carmel

Screening time: 08.04.2019. 21:00

Screening location: Kino SC

Runtime: 94 min

Awards: Awards of the Israeli Film Academy (2018) – Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Haifa International Film Festival (2018)


Almost everything in Eli's life, a 15 years old boy with an eating disorder, is on the brink of catastrophe. He lives in a seedy neighborhood in Southern Tel Aviv with his mother and her husband, two ex-junkies. His alcoholic father is an unemployed artist and a street philosopher, an eccentric character in a rough environment. In this impulsive and violent world, nothing stays in its natural dimensions, and Eli's desperate efforts to unite his family spin out of control, when a minor family dispute erupts into a cataclysmic disaster and everyone pays the ultimate price. Noble Savage is a modern Greek tragedy about a cursed family where no one plays his intended role.

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