Freedom Fields

Freedom Fields

Director: Naziha Arebi

Screening time: 10.04.2019. 16:00

Screening location: Kinoteka

Runtime: 97 min

Awards: Toronto International Film Festival - TIFF Docs (2018), IDFA (2018), Stockholm Film Festival (2018)


Emboldened by the Arab Spring, the Libyan women’s soccer team is dreaming of playing their first international game. However, their sport faces huge opposition in Libya. Over the course of several years we follow three players coming from different social and political backgrounds on and off the field. With conservative forces in society getting in the way, even in more moderate circles the women must constantly fight for room to maneuver, both in public and private life. As they keep pursuing their dream, they experience disillusionment and seize new opportunities—and almost accidentally find their calling as role models for a new generation of girls.

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