A Stranger

A Stranger

Director: Bobo Jelčić

Screening time: 12.04.2019. 15:00

Screening location: MM centar

Runtime: 87 min

Awards: 2013 Pula Film Festival - seven Golden Arenas - best film, direction, screenplay, leading male role, leading female role, cinematography, set design), the Oktavijan award, the FEDEORA award; 2013 Sarajevo Film Festival - special recognition, the Heart of Sarajevo for best leading male role (Bogdan Diklić); The European Film Festival - Cinedays, 2013 Skopje - special recognition; 2013 International Film Festival in Berlin - Forum; 2013 Motovun Film Festival - the Bauer Award for best regional film; 2013 International Film Festival in Bratislava - best director


When Slavko's old friend Djulaga dies, Slavko feels obliged to go to the funeral. But in his hometown of Mostar, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, this simple social obligation has the potential to get him into all kinds of troubles with his neighbors or even with local political bigwigs. This is a compelling tale of everyday life in a fractured society, and a world where paranoia, comedy and drama intertwine. It is also an astute psychological portrait of a man who is forced to cross the invisible line that divides two communities living in a single town. Above all, it is the story of a man who lost everything that defined him when his country disintegrated.

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