Director: Edon Rizvanolli

Screening time: 11.04.2018. 19:30

Screening location: Kino Tuškanac

Runtime: 85 min

Guests : Edon Rizvanolli

Awards: 52nd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (World Premiere), 9th Prishtina International Film Festival, 37th Nederlands Film Festival (Dutch Film Critics Best Film Nomination), 10th Cineast Luxembourg, 15th Tirana International Film Festival (Best Screenplay Award), 16th Cinedays Festival of European Film, 66th Mannheim - Heidelberg International Film Festival, 48th International Film Festival of India – Goa, 39th Cairo International Film Festival, 33rd Santa Barbara International Film Festival


Unwanted is a drama set in present day Amsterdam that tells the story of ALBAN and
his mother ZANA. Alban is a troublemaker and a misfit who often ends up in fights
with other kids. But he is also a dreamer and spends a lot of his time alone on a
rooftop of a building. Zana is a war refugee from Kosovo whose main worry is to bring
food to the table. One day Alban ends up in a fight which gets out of hand. To keep
him out of trouble, Zana arranges a job for Alban at a bicycle store. There, by chance
he meets Ana, and starts a relationship with her. Soon after they find out that they
share a common background, as Ana’s father is a Serb from Kosovo. The fact that
Albanians and Serbs were at war with each other does not impress them. After all
they both feel Dutch. But when Zana finds out about it she reacts unpleasantly
surprised and shocked.

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