Kosher Love

Kosher Love

Director: Evan Beloff

Screening time: 14.04.2018. 18:30

Screening location: Kino Europa

Runtime: 44 min

Awards: Lower East Side Film Festival, Arlington Film Festival, Ojai Film Festival, Vancouver Jewish Film Festival, Warsaw Jewish Film Festival, and the New Jersey Jewish Film Festival


What happens when a rabbinical matchmaker, a newly-married, young Hassidic couple and
a single, religious hip-hop artist explore the precise meaning of humanity’s most powerful
word? Kosher Lovelooks at the search for true love and bible-instructed marriage in the
orthodox / Hassidic world as it pushes back against an ever encroaching, wired, secular
world and its idea of momentary, disposable love. Using levity, animation, and downright
silliness, Kosher Love hopes to reveal that we’re all the same in our search for love and that
our humanity binds us in this most universal of endeavors

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