Foreign land

Foreign land

Director: Shlomi Eldar

Screening time: 12.04.2018. 17:00

Screening location: Kinoteka

Runtime: 73 min

Awards: Haifa IFF (Winner: Best Documentary) and Miami IFF


Gassan Abbas and ShlomiEldar were both at a crossroads. Abbas was once an Israeli sit-com star, while Eldar was an Arab Affairs correspondent for the national news. Things changed: Abbas, a Palestinian, is no longer getting roles, while Eldar’s reportage is ushered to the margins of the daily news.  FOREIGN LAND tracks the mid-life detours of two extraordinary men, placing emphasis on their encounter with someone who lost everything to Israel’s ongoing conflict yet refuses to succumb to hate. This is an incisive and important film about taking distance to see things more clearly, and knowing when it’s time to start afresh. 

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