A call to remember: The David Schaecter story

A call to remember: The David Schaecter story

Director: Ken Winikur

Screening time: 10.04.2018. 17:15

Screening location: Kino Europa

Runtime: 30 min

Guests : Ken Winikur

Awards: world premiere: MIAMI JEWISH FILM FESTIVAL 2018


Born in a small village in Czechoslovakia, David Schaecter was just a young boy when the Nazi regime rose to power in Germany. He is the only member of his family to survive the Holocaust.

In this half-hour documentary, David takes us on a journey - from his bucolic childhood where his family grew grapes for winemaking, to his and his brother Jakob’s struggle for survival in Auschwitz, and finally, David’s dramatic escape as the Allies invaded.

As David pieced his life back together he would devote himself to remembering those who were lost, becoming a founding member of the Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach.

In David’s story we learn of the cruelty of intolerance and the power of the human spirit.  His story is a forceful condemnation of bigotry and a reminder that our shared democratic ideals of equality and understanding are essential for all.

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