#WithRefugees - June 20th - World Refugee Day


Join us in supporting millions of refugees, in showing the power of solidarity, in helping ourselves, others and society to create a better tomorrow. UNHCR is, with your help, inviting governments around the world to provide every refugee family with a safe place to live...

Festival of Tolerance presents: Meeting of Styles @ Art Park


A three day art event, from 26th until 28th of May introduces world-renowned street artists as a part of the 11th edition of Festival of Tolerance. Meeting of Styles project is bringing to Zagreb well known artists who will, alongside Croatian artists such as Chez186, Bare and Lunar...

Branko Lustig's lecture @ Police Academy Zagreb


On May 3rd 2016, Branko Lustig held a lecture before 200 cadets of the Police Academy.  He conveyed his experience of the death camps to gathered cadets, giving them a unique insight, through the eyes and memories of a Holocaust survivor, of the horrors of the Nazi regime.

Essay competition on tolerance and/or holocaust


Jewish Film Festival Zagreb Association in opening an essay competition on the Holocaust and/or tolerance for schools that participate in the Educational Mornings program in the school year 2016/2017. The goal of the competition is to make Educational Morning more then just a one time experience...

Submit your films to the 12th Festival of Tolerance


Since 2007, the Festival of Tolerance – JFF Zagreb screens high-quality accomplishments from all around the world in the categories of feature, documentary, short and animated film, which are dedicated to the Holocaust and promotion of tolerance.

Chronicles of the festivals sixth day.


As discusions are a vital part of the Festival of Tolerance, Thursday also had its share of them: "All the colors of love" and "Ecology/migration/chaos and conflict" which were inspired by the films screened before them.

A fact hard to deny!


Based on the acclaimed book Denial: Holocaust History on Trial, Denial recounts Deborah E. Lipstadt’s (Rachel Weisz) legal battle for historical truth against David Irving (Timothy Spall), who accused her of libel when she declared him a Holocaust denier. The film is scheduled for today at 7.

Cro docu recommendation for this evening!


Dr. Boris Braun at the age of 97 vividly remembers his early twenties. Back then he was a student of agronomy from a rich family of Jews in Đurđevac. Together with their parents he was taken to Savska and then to Auschwitz, only to see the end of war in Buchenwald.

The venice ghetto screened at cinema Europa


The year 2016 marks the 500th anniversary of world's first ghetto: the Ghetto of Venice. Imaginative docu-fiction techniques bring alive the paradoxical wonders of Europe’s oldest Jewish ghetto and its integration into Italian society, in this edifying and heart-warming film.

Fight for equal rights at cinema Tuškanac!


In I Am Not Your Negro, entirely narrated with the words of James Baldwin, via his personal appearances and the text of his final and unfinished book project, the award-winning director Raoul Peck goes back to the tragic deaths of Malcolm X...

Preserve cultural heritage by discussing against oblivion!


A discussion under the title "Cultural Heritage as National Identity" will be held after the screening of the documentary titled "The Destruction Of Memory" at Kino Tuškanac at 7 pm. Prof. dr.

Chronicles of the festivals fifth day.


This years guest lecturer at Educational Mornings, dr. Daniel Wildman, covered the subject of Nazi the ideal of Aryan Masculinity. Once again the cadets of the police academy and numerous students attended the lecture.

Let climate change take you to the movies!


This successful documentary by Jareda P. Scotta titled The Age Of Consequences investigates the impacts of climate change, resource scarcity, migration, and conflict through the lens of US national security and global stability.

Are you ready for sami blood?


Elle Marja, 14, is a reindeer-breading Sámi girl. Exposed to the racism of the 1930’s and race biology examinations at her boarding school she starts dreaming of another life. To achieve this other life she has to become someone else and break all ties with her family and culture.

Short film - announcement!


Crisis What Crisis! Two German filmmakers travel to Greece. They want to shoot a film about what is left from the crisis in the country. What crisis can they find after the big pictures are gone? Johanna Bentz and Jonas Römmig in their essay film discover the different faces of the crisis on the...

Short film – recommendation for children!


In order to fulfil one’s biggest dream sometimes we need to unite. A  cruel  war  has  taken  two  brothers’  home.  Their mother  does not allow them to leave the house because she is afraid that they might get hurt.

Chronicles of the festivals fourth day.


Claire Ferguson and Lion Roberts preseted their touching film "Destination Unknown" which talks about empaty and tolerance. Beside the films, to mark the 30 year anniversery of the suicide of Primo Levi, italian chemist and Auschwitz survivor...

Bag of Marbles tonight at Tuškanac!


Paris is occupied. The Nazi threat is looming over Europe. Two brothers are forced to leave their father and set off into the unknown. Their lives depend on one lie. They cannot admit to anyone who they are. Take a peak in the childhood with another pearl of French cinematography and come to Kino...

Docu masterpiece!


The film, sweeping in its global reach, yet intensely intimate, is a tour de force that unifies these scenes into a single work, told without narration, without experts and, for long stretches, without words at all! At a time when religious hatreds dominate the world’s headlines...

Documentary treat!


With the Syrian conflict now in its sixth year, millions of people continue to be displaced. After Spring is the story of what happens next. By following two refugee families in transition and aid workers fighting to keep the camp running, viewers will experience what it is like to live in Zaatari...

Spend an evening in Europa!


Gabrielle (Marion Cotillard) comes from a small village in the south of France, at a time when her dream of true love is considered scandalous, and even insane. Against her will, Gabrielle’s parents marry her to José (Alex Brendemühl), an honest and loving Spanish farmer who they think will...

Chronicles of the festivals third day.


Throughout the festival week we educate ourselves, discuss, ponder, watch films but also hang out. Check out what a day at the Festival of Tolerance looks like.

All the colors of love with a phenomenal film and discussion!


The course of teenage love rarely runs smooth, but this is especially true when you’re secretly gay in an Aussie all-male school in the 1970s and entranced by the captain of the football team:) A pair of star-crossed lovers, Tim and John meet in a high-school production of Romeo and Juliet.

Interesting and diverse music program at the 11th festival of tolerance


All lovers of urban sound will enjoy this year's top music programme. DJ Kuna, Valami Swing and KIDS N CATS will put everyone in good mood. Zagreb, 11 April 2017 – The music programme of the 11th edition of the Festival of Tolerance started last Saturday at the recently opened Pločnik club...

Go for a royal film treat!


Multi-award winning film KING JACK deserves a royal treatment and we have no doubts that extra seats will be needed for the evening screening of this Felix Thompson's film  at 9.15 PM at  Kino Europa! Trapped in a violent feud with a cruel older bully and facing another bout of summer school...

Documentary of the day!


Blending an intimate testimony with deep immersion in the archives, DESTINATION UNKNOWN  brings the stories of twelve Holocaust survivors to the screen. The film creates a harmonious mosaic of first-hand accounts, rare archive from the time, and family Super 8 footage from after the war.

Peter Entell – guest director!


One hundred years ago, Peter's grandparents had to flee Ukraine, a country destroyed by wars and masacres. One hundred years after, Entell faces the same destructive nationalism. Like Dew in the Sun transcends cultural, religious and national differences to uncover the deeper bonds that unite...

How much would you know about war suffering if not for photography?


Tony Vaccaro, an infantryman from the Second World War By using a $47.00 portable 35mm camera, UNDER FIRE filmed one of the most comprehensive and intimate war records in thousands of images, often developed at night, wearing helmets.

Documentaries and Karl Markovics marked the Second day of the Festival of Tolerance


„The Festival of Tolerance is exceptionally important, especially nowadays with the rise of fascism and negation of its consequences. In the past 25 years, events like those that had taken place in Jasenovac are being concealed and put out of sight.

Chronicles of the festivals second day.


Documentaries and Karl Markovics marked the second day of the festival. Experience the festival atmosphere and learn more about the program in our video chronicle.

Film and discussion of the day!


Director Johan Grimonprez, based on a globally famous book written by Andrew Feinstein, brings the film titled The Shadow and reveals how international arms trade fuels corruption, defines economic and foreign policies, undermines democracy and creates mass suffering.

Check out our Tolerance talk


This year, the Festival of Tolerance will spread on another location – the recently renovated KIC club​! Take part in our ancillary programme and expert lectures because the topics have never been more up-to-date and the environment filled with many round tables has never been better for a...

A documentary because of which you will migrate to Tuškanac!


After Israel won the Six-Day War in 1967, hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens built their homes on the occupied territories of the West Bank. Dealing with the pioneers of the settlement movement and diverse groups of contemporary settlers like no other film before The Settlers presents a...

Sunday is a great day for the movies!


The film programme of the 11th annual Festival of Tolerance is filled with all-day screenings. Do not miss the Croatian documentary film "Jasenovac Memento" by Bogdan Žižić today at 4 p.m. at the Cinema Europa                                                  ...

11th Festival of Tolerance has started


The grand opening of the 11th Festival of Tolerance started with the projection of the excellent remake of "Naked Among Wolves". The festival was traditionally opened by the mayor of Zagreb, Mr. Milan Bandić, quoting the words Branko Lustig spoke to him 7 years ago after returning from...

Evening fun for students and martyrs!


- Are girls allowed to wear a bikini for their swimming lessons? - Does sex education belong to schools? - Should the theory of evolution be thought in natural science classes? Veniamin is living through a mystical crisis and he is making his mother...

A documentary because of which we are counting days as years...


High above the town of Stollberg, close to Chemnitz, there is a castle named Hoheneck – a notorious women's jail in the times of DDR. Prisoners from the entire DDR served their sentences at the castle; criminals together with the so-called «political» or those who stood against the...

Doku recommendation!


The fastest growing Jewish community today is the one in Berlin. Germany is considered as one of the most democratic countries in the world and practically the moral leader of Europe. This development was impossible to imagine in 1945.

Short film announcement!


Imagine if every lie is to become truth! That is exactly what happens when little Ami learns that her mother needs to go on a business trip. Her mother tells her an innocent lie to calm her while she is away but stirs a series of unexpected events.

Feature film recommendation followed by a discussion!


Ernst, a motherless child, is a bright boy but also a misfit. Juvenile homes and correctional institutions in which he has lived so far believe that it is «impossible to instruct». Due to his rebellious nature, he is finally sent to a psychiatric ward where he notices that other children are...

Feature film announcement!


A POSSIBLE LIFE is a film about hope, possibilities, women power and the capacity to always start your life anew. Anna and her son Valerio are running away from the man who destroyed their love with his hands. The film talks about the possibility to create a different life and the fact that there...

Schools visited the exhibition


The exhibition "From generation to generation" by Arik Brauer, which was realized as part of the 11th Festival of tolerance, hosted elementary schools. This prompted a dialogue about Jewish art and religion that is represented on the illustrations made for the New Haggadah.

Lithuanian cinematography at The Festival Of Tolerance!


This year, on April 12th 17:30 in KIC, we will present the Lithuanian cinematography and screen a series of fantastic films made in the second half of the 20th century. After the screening, there will be a lecture organized on the topic.

From Generation To Generation / The New Haggadah By Arik Brauer


Exhibition opening of the Austrian artist Arik Brauer is the best overture to the 11th Festival of Tolerance which is held in Zagreb from 8th untill 14th of April   Last night at the Museum of Arts and Crafts an exhibition of illustrations "From generation to generation / New Haggadah...

Feature film recommendation!


Naked Among Wolves is a film reinterpretation of the novel written by Bruno Apitz in 1958. The plot of the novel became a symbol of the anti-fascist resistance movement in East Germany. A 3-year-old child hidden inside of a suitcase arrives to Buchenwald a few weeks before the liberation of the...

Documentary announcement


Unrest is a story about a recently married couple that is trying to learn how to live with a chronic desease. In search of answers and tied to her bed in the beginning, Jeniffer embarks on a virtual quest around the globe, meeting four incredible patients from the US...

Press conference was held


Today, in a beautiful setting of Sheraton Hotel a press conference was held to present the program of the 11th Festival of Tolerance, which will be held in Europe Cinema, Tuškanac Cinema and Cultural and Informational Centre in Zagreb.

Official opening of the exhibition "A Good Day"


Photographs can be downloaded from: Video statements:        

Exhibition "A Good day"


The testimonials of direct witnesses can hardly be replaced, but it is vital to recognise and support attempts to preserve the memories through artistic creation, especially among a younger generation of artists.

Exhibition "A Good day"


The testimonials of direct witnesses can hardly be replaced, but it is vital to recognise and support attempts to preserve the memories through artistic creation, especially among a younger generation of artists.

Premier of the video "Irene"


On Thursday September 15th 2016 we held a concert by Rolin Humes in honor of the premier of their video "Irene". The video is dedicated to Irene Sendler, an exceptionally brave woman whose kindness was virtually unknown until a few years ago.

Rolin Humes invite you for the premier of the video „Irene“


Festival of Tolerance and the Rolin Humes invite you to remember the life of a woman that save the most lives in World War 2. Irene Sendler served as an inspiration for a song of the same name by the band Rolin Humes, the video of which we will see on Thursday...

The essey competition prize received


On 4th of July the Primary school Frana Krste Frankopana from Brod na Kupi, received the prize for the winning essay on the subject of the Holocaust and/or tolerance, written by their student titled "Promise".

Workshop in Zadar


This weekend, in cooperation with the British Council and Little philosophy, a workshop for teachers was held in Zadar. The project is co-financed from the Anna Lindh Foundation.        

Results for the Essay competition on Tolerance and/or Holocaust


Zaključen je natječaj za esej o toleranciji i/ili holokaustu u organizaciji udruge Festival suvremenog židovskog filma Zagreb. Riječ je o drugom izdanju natječaja kojim je Udruga izravno pozvala škole koje su sudjelovale na programu Edukacijskih jutara u školskoj godini 2015./2016.

The Festival of Tolerance Podgorica is open


Yesterday was the first day of Festival of Tolerance in Podgorica. We stared the day with an Educational Morning with Branko Lustig which was intended for students of 7th and 8th grade of primary school and high-school students.

Tonight the Festival opens


Tonight we open the 2nd Festival of Tolerance Montenegro - Podgorica at 6 PM at, KIC "Budo Tomović" (Vaka Đurovića 12, Podgorica). We start with an exhibition "Anti-masonic posters" and continue with excellent movies "Wiener Blut",  "We are young.

Educational Morning with Branko Lustig


On Monday April 30th, at noon, after the award winning film "Belle and Sébastien", the two time Oscar winner Branko Lustig will, at his Educational Morning, tell the present his life story, about how he survived the Holocaust and why did he tackle that subject in film.

A little bit of animation on Monday


The first day of the Festival in Podgorica we wrap up with two films that combine reality and animation. First comes a short film B. A true story about a shy and insecure "B" that won a great number of awards worldwide. More about the film at: http://festivaloftolerance.

An article published in Vijest on-line


Vijesti on-line have published an article about our upcoming 2nd Festival of Tolerance Montenegro in Podgorica. In the three days of the festival awaiting you are 11 films, 2 discussions and an exhibition "Anti-Masonic posters". You can read the article here. 

Films that will open the festival.


The film program of the 2nd Festival of Tolerance Montenegro - Podgorica opens on May 30th with two excellent films. We start with a short Wiener Blut, followed by We are young. We are strong., an award winning film by Burhan Qurbani, based on true events that occured during the xenophobic riots...

"Symbols of hate" in Podgorica


On May 31. in Podgorica Mirko Ilić will once again give his excelent lecture "Symbols of Hate" at which he will educate about the presence of neo-Fashist symbols in the public.

Branko Lustigs Educational Moring


A two time Oscar winner Branko Lustig will speak at Educational Morning in Podgorica, on May 30. where he will share with the students his experience from the concentration camps.

Exhibition: Anti-Masonic posters


Thanks to Mr. Mirko Ilić, in Podgorica you will be able to see an exhibition of Anti-masonic posters from the 1940s.

What was it like on Festival of Tolerance Zagreb


The 10th Festival of Tolerance Zagreb is over, but that doesnt mean you cant see what it was like. Take a look at the interesting events and messages from the guests of this year Festival of Tolerance.

Festival of Tolerance in Podgorica


On May 30th 2016 Festival of Tolerance will come to Podgorica. During the festival we will screen 11 films, 2 discussions and 2 Educational Mornings, and we will have an exhibition "Anti-Masonic posters".

Festival of Tolerance Podgorica 30.May - 1. June.2016


In Podgorica, the 2nd Festival of Tolerance, with its rich program, will be held from 30th of May till 1th of June. The admittance to all screenings is free. We have prepared 11 movies on the subject of Holocaust and tolerance.

Essay competition on tolerance and/or Holocaust


Jewish film festival Zagreb Association in opening an essay competion on the Holocaust and/or tolerance for schools that participate in the Educational Mornings program in the school year 2015/2016. The goal of the competition is to make educational Morning more then just a one time experience for...

Free screening of The Son of Saul


The Hungarian institute in Zagreb is organizing a screening of the Academy award winning film, from the director LÁSZLÓA NEMESA, "The Son of Saul". The film is in Hungarian, with Croatian and English subtitles. The entrance is free. No reservation.

The Video Chronicles of the 10th Festival of Tolerance Zagreb


Remember the most exciting moments of previous years and take a look at the interesting events and messages from the guests of this year Festival of Tolerance.

Photographs from the 10th Festival of Tolerance part 2


Some more photos from the Festival.

Photos from the 10th Festival of Tolerance


Take a look at our photo gallery where we put (some of) the pictures our hard working photographers took.

Tomorrow we are holding a round table: The young - our strength, how the young develop intercultural dialogue


A round table "The young - our strength, how the young develop intercultural dialogue" will be held on Friday April 15th at Tuškanac cinema, starting at 2PM. The round table moderator is Mr. Zoran Pribičević, and speakers are prof.

Croatian premier of Lazar


On April 13th, in the company of the director Svetozar Ristovski, executive producer Kornelija Ristovska, co-producer Igor Nola, actors Vedran Živolić and Goran Navojec, and numerous stars of Croatian acting scene, a premier of feature film Lazar was held.

Gallery from the lecture Symbols of hate


We would like to share a few photos from the lecture "Symbols of hate" by Mirko Ilić that we had as part of the 10th Festival of Tolerance.

Tomorrow "Let's go" to Verhoeven


The guest of honor of the 10th Festival of Tolerance - JFF Zagreb - Michael Verhoeven - is not only one of the most famous German directors, but directors in general. On this years Festival of Tolerance he will present his movie "Let's go", which will screen on Thursday, April 14th...

Discussion "Adoption: Battle for families"


Tonight, on April 13th, starting at 7:15 PM, come and watch excellent documentary The Long Way Home, which deals with the topic of international adoption of children in Bulgaria. After the movie we are glad to invite you to an interesting discussion, related to the issue of the documentary...

Lazar in Cinema Europa


Today, on April 13th, as part of the 10th Festival of Tolerance - JFF Zagreb we will have a Croatian premier of the feature film Lazar, directed by Svetozar Ristovski, starting at 9 PM. The film Lazar tells a story of a young man who was forced to grow up quickly after his father left their family.

Wednesday documentaries


Today we have several excellent documentaries on our program: -in the documentary "Girl in the River. Price of Forgives" we will face the problem of honor killing women. -"Racing Extinction" takes a unique approach to the subject of endangerment of animal world and serves as a...



We invite you to join the open discussions organized as a part of Festival, regarding the subjects of chosen film and documentary screening. The discussions are imagined as a public platform for exchanging opinions, questions and answers, agreements and disagreements.

Today only - Kapo in Jeruzalem in cinema Europa


Today at 19:00 in cinema Europe enjoy the feature film "Kapo in Jeruzalem", and the best way to invite you is from the director himself: Uri Barbash.

Grand opening of the 10th Festival of Tolerance


Together with the mayor Milan Bandić and academy award winner Florian Gallenberger we opened the 10th Festival of Tolerance with the movie Colonia. We invite you to the numerous screenings in the cinemas Europa and Tuškanac until April 15th.

Exhibition "From Afar" is open


Yesterday, on April 5th, as an introduction to the 10th Festival of Tolerance Zagreb, the exhibition "From Afar" by the Italian photographer Alessandro Penso, dedicated to the migrant crisis was opened. It was opened by the Mayor of Zagreb Mr.

Branko Lustigs lectured filled up


Due to great interest and number of applicants the lecture by Mr. Branko Lustig: Testimony of a Survivor has been filled and we are no longer taking registrations. But don’t despair because we still have free places for the excellent lectures by Mr. Mirko Ilić: Symbols of Hate and Mr. Dei, Rector at the University of Florence


THE 10th FESTIVAL OF TOLERANCE – JFF ZAGREB AND THE ITALIAN CULTURAL INSTITUTE IN ZAGREB are pleased to invite you to the lecture : Luigi Dei, PhD, a professor of physical chemistry and rector at the University of Florence, will give a lecture on the unbreakable bond between chemistry and...

Press conference


On March 31st a press conference was held in regards to the 10th Festival of Tolerance - JFF Zagreb that will be held from 9th to 15th of April 2016 in cinemas Europa and Tuškanac. On the occasion the president of the festival Mr.

10th anniversary Festival of Tolerance


10th Anniversary Festival of Tolerance, JFF Zagreb The 10th jubilee Festival will be held at the "Europa" and "Tuškanac" cinemas from 9th to 15th of April 2016. Expect a film program that consists of over 60 films that have been screened at international film festivals and...

Zadarski list did a piece on us


With regards to our Educational morning in Zadar, Zadarski list did an interview with Branko Lustig.   More at:

Education about the Holocaust in Knin and Zadar


Branko Lustig will share his account of surviving the Holocaust with the students in Knin on 17th of March at 2PM in the Elementary School "Domovinske zahvalnosti" "Domovinske zahvalnosti", and on 18th of March with students of Zadar at the Puppet Theater at noon.

Remeber the first Festival


Lets look at a few pictures from the first Festival of Tolerance.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Seiji Kimoto - "Power and Powerless"


As part of FOT Ljubljana, with his exhibition "Power and powerless", we introduce the renowned Japanese artist Seiji Kimoto, whom we had the honor of hosting in Zagreb, in 2012, at the 6th Festival of Tolerance - JFF Zagreb.

A video of the exhibition opening


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth even more.

Elementary school Glina workshop


The pupils of Elementary school Glina have attended a workshop at the "Drawing against Oblivion" exhibition

Drawing against oblivion


Recording of the exhibition

Branko Lustigs Speech


Dear friends. Welcome to the opening ... The message of this exhibition isn’t just to remember but to commit to memory that the perished were individuals. Each child had a name and family name. Each child then became a number, and each child ended up in a crematorium.

Opening of the "Drawing Against Oblivion" exhibition


Dear friends. Welcome to the opening ... The message of this exhibition isn’t just to remember but to commit to memory that the perished were individuals. Each child had a name and family name. Each child then became a number, and each child ended up in a crematorium.

Press conference held


Manfred Bockelmann, Branko Lustig and Festival of Tolerance -JFF would like to thank the press for attending the press conference held this morning at the French Pavillion.

Press conference held


Manfred Bockelmann, Branko Lustig and Festival of Tolerance - JFF thank the journalists from various press agencies which attended todays press conference in the French pavilion.

The 2nd Festival of Tolerance Ljubljana has ended


With the screening of "Exit" and a unique lecture "Liberal Judaism and LGBT" by Rabbi Nehama Benmosche on January 21 the second Festival of Tolerance in Ljubljana was completed. Besides the rich film program, visitors Mini Teatree in Ljubljana had the opportunity to participate...

The 2nd Festival of Tolerance Ljubljana is open


In the company of respected members from both political and art worlds of Slovenia, the 2nd Festival of Tolerance Ljubljana, under the patronship of the president of Slovenia, has opened on January 17th 2016. During the festival week, till January 21st 2016...

The 2nd Festival of Tolerance Ljubljana is open!


In the company of respected members from both political and art worlds of Slovenia, the 2nd Festival of Tolerance Ljubljana, under the patronship of the president of Slovenia, has opened on January 17th 2016. During the festival week, till January 21st 2016...

Israeli director Udi Aloni to be a guest at Festival of Tolerance


Aloni's movies have been presented on various leading film festivals and universities, among them the Berlin International Film Festival, the Toronto International Film Festival, the Tokyo International Film Festival, the Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema and the...

Premier of Son of Saul


As part of the Second Festival of Tolerance Ljubljana, on January 20th at 21:00, at the Mini-Teater you will be able to enjoy the premiere of Son of Saul. Free tickets are waiting for the fastest few who can pick them up between 10 and 12 as well 16 and 18 hours...

Festival of Tolerance Ljubljana 17.01. - 21.01.2016.


In Ljubljana, the 2nd Festival of Tolerance, with its rich program, will be held from 17th to 21st of January in Mini teater, Križevniška 1. The admittance to all screenings is free. We have prepared 22 movies on the subject of Holocaust and tolerance.

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