We are young. We are strong.

We are young. We are strong.

Director: Burhan Qurbani

Screening time: 17.01.2016. 18:10

Screening location: MINI TEATER

Runtime: 122 min


As a kind of continuation of Shahada shown at the Berlinale, Burhan Qurbani explores the driving force of xenophobia behind violent protests in the newly unified Germany. We are young. We are strong. describes violent, xenophobic demonstrations that have been taking place in Rostock in 1992 from the perspective of three quite different people. LIEN is a Vietnamese who’s home is Germany, but the fight for her life, which she had to go through in those days fundamentally undermined the meaning of the word. STEFAN and his friends are part of the violent, darkness shrouded turmoil in society. Young and angry, with unfulfilled everyday life, they cried out nightly for riots and clashes with the police and foreigners. From the inability to cope with the loss of a friend, Stefan plunges down a spiral of violence. Stefan’s father MARTIN is an ambitious local politician, trapped in a dilemma: whether to continue his career development or to take responsibility for the ideals in which he believes, and thus the responsibility for his own son.

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