Director: Udi Aloni

Screening time: 18.01.2016. 20:45

Screening location: MINI TEATER

Runtime: 89 min


April 9th, 1948, the Jewish paramilitary incursioned in the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin and killed more than 100 people. On the ruins of the village a mental hospitals was built, and its first beneficiaries were people who survived the Holocaust. The legend circulating to this day speaks of how survivors communicated with the spirits of the deceased. Forgiveness (Mechilot) presents the story of 20-year-old David Adler, American and Israeli, whose decision to return to Israel results in his hospitalization in a mental institution built on the ruins of Deir Yassin. Through cross memories the mysterious causes of his hospitalization is revealed. Truth is known and  keept by the spirit of the 10-year-old girl, but only through discovering the truth, can she find peace, and David a way to get out of the limbo of constantly recurring fate.

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