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Every year the Festival of Tolerance grows, gradually enriching the excellent film selection with additional contents and programs, such as various exhibitions that follow the messages of the festival with their subjects, educational mornings intended for the young or numerous discussions that accompany the film screenings. An integral part are the music nights, organized to attract the largest number of young public as possible and to introduce them to a different, maybe less known musical content. 

The festival is visted by top artists both international and national, belonging to various genres - from the ever popular klezmer music, Romani music, traditional music of east European Jews with catchy jazz rhythm to electronic music and the appearances of some of the best DJs. This has confirmed to us what we already presumed - that we are a festival with the best program and selection of electronic music.

Rest assured that this year's, the round 10th Festival will offer so far the best selection of concerts and appearances, with something for every taste and that even the fussiest among us will be pleased.


25.03.2018. 15:45

14. 4. 2018. | 22:00 | Melin, Kožarska Street 19   Music for cruisin’ (Muzika za dobar đir) is a music selection that pleases the ears and hips and can be adjusted for all dance floors, bars and friendly outings.


25.03.2018. 15:40

13. 4. 2018. | 22:30 | Jazz & Cabaret klub Kontesa, August Cesarec Street 2 In cooperation with Austrian Cultural Forum   Month of Sundays, founded in Vienna in the spring of 2013, has been following ever since the objective of creating contemporary chamber music.


25.03.2018. 15:30

11. 4. 2018. | 21:00 | Hungarian Institute in Zagreb, August Cesarec Street 10 In cooperation with Institute Balassi – Hungarian Institute in Zagreb   Cimbalom Duo is a summit meeting of two master cimbalom players who, over the past few decades in their separate careers...

Vinyl (Bogovićeva 3)


14.04.2017. 23:00

Edi Nulz is a band that plays jazz counteracted by rock elements. Their performances are pure anarchy – at their concert you will watch and listen to a bassless jazz trio or a rock band without a singer, depending on how you experience it.

Pločnik (Međimurska ul. 21)


13.04.2017. 23:00

Kids n Cats are an electronic pop band from Vienna who brings to the stage wild, colourful, chaotic music open to many different musical styles, fusing them into one big harmonious whole. Their sound combines pulsating electronic beats and an overall pop-sensitivity...

Swanky Monkey Garden ( Ilica 50 )


11.04.2017. 21:00

The members of the Valami Swing band were brought together by love for gypsy jazz, a style that was started by guitarist Django Reinhardt in the 1930’s in Paris. This is the earliest European form of jazz that in a virtuoso manner combines swing...

Pločnik (Međimurska ulica 21)


08.04.2017. 23:00

Mario Kunštek, better known as DJ Kuna, is a new reinforcement on the urban clubbing scene. His opus includes a variety of styles upgraded by personal interpretation through humorous rap improvisation. DJ Kuna has been active on the scene for more than five years...

Festival of Tolerance Zagreb, Super Super (Radnička str. 27)

Flo Real

15.04.2016. 23:00

Starting as part of Dub Club at Vienna’s Flex club and as a warm-up DJ for Kruder & Dorfmeister at the monthly G-Stone sessions, Flo Real joined Team Mahogani and became no less than Kenny Dixon Jr. aka Moodyman’s tour manager and support DJ. For New Year’s she had two performances.

Festival of Tolerance Zagreb, Swanky Monkey Garden (Ilica 50)

Karavan Familia

12.04.2016. 21:00

Four voices - One family The Karavan Familia is a Gipsy World-music group from Hungary that plays traditional Gipsy music arrangements with individual effects and sounds. They have a real Gipsy atmosphere with some Mississippi blues, flamenco, rumba and eastern roots.

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