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Student Center, 25 Savska Street


11.04.2019. 20:00

On the occasion of the publication of Jasenovac, the round table discussion will be organised with the participation of professor Ivo Goldstein, PhD., Goran Hutinec, PhD., Nataša Mataušić and Lordan Zafranović. The discussion will be moderated by Seid Serdarević.

Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb



The exhibition will be held from 6 to 17 April in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. In collaboration with POLIN – the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw, the Festival presents reproductions of murals found throughout Poland, which speak about the past of the Polish Jews.

Ban Jelačić Square, Preradović Square, Square of the Republic of Croatia and the King Tomislav Square


01.04.2019. 12:00

From 1 April to 15 April, pop-up installations will be set up on four squares of the City of Zagreb (Ban Jelačić Square, Preradović Square, Square of the Republic of Croatia and the King Tomislav Square), showing portraits of four refugees from Syria, Iraq and Iran, who are currently living in Croatia.

Müller Hall, cinema Europa, Varšavska 3, 10000 Zagreb


25.03.2018. 12:30

e-Education: examples of good practice / 13. 4. 2018. at  17:30 hours / Müller Hall, cinema Europa, Varšavska Street 3


25.03.2018. 12:15

Promotion of the Croatian edition of Operation Last Chance / 9. 4. 2018. at 17:30h cinema Europa, Varšavska Street 3 / guests: EFRAIM ZUROFF, STJEPAN MESIĆ

Gallery of the Archeological Museum in Zagreb, Pavla Hatza 6


25.03.2018. 12:02

SILVIA GRAV / 10. 4. 2018. – 20. 4. 2018. Gallery of the Archeological Museum in Zagreb, Pavla Hatza Street 6 / lecture by the artist: 11. 4. 2018. at 17:30 pm, Gallery of the Archeological Museum in Zagreb


25.03.2018. 12:00

ANGELICA DASS / 5. 4. 2018. – 18. 4. 2018. / Exhibition in the open public space: Ban Josip Jelačić Square, King Tomislav Square, Petar Preradović Square, Republic of Croatia Square and Ivan Dežman Street

Cinema Tuškanac, small hall

Video performance ‘Pozdrav’

13.04.2017. 16:00

Vesna Mačković and Ana Opalić Croatia, 2014, 10’ From 4PM till 11PM   To a dying city that once used to be alive. To a city where I have never breathed as one. To the land that has absorbed the sweat and toxins, as well as happiness and smiles. To the workers that have been set free.

Müller Hall, Varšavska 3, Zagreb.

Primo Levi If This is a Man and The Drowned and the Saved

11.04.2017. 19:30

Speakers: Branko Lustig, Vuk Perišić, Tvrtko Klarić and Seid Serdarević. Excerpts read by Frano Mašković. On the thirtieth anniversary of Primo Levi's suicide and 25 years since the first Croatian edition of If This is a Man, one of the main novels about the Holocaust...

Italian Cultural Institute in Zagreb, Preobraženska 4

Uni-Diversity by Gianluca Capri

10.04.2017. 19:00

10 April to 15 May 2017 The 'Uni-Diversity' photography project takes us to four different continents represented through a series of photos that show a whole range of contrasting feelings, regardless of geographic and cultural differences.

Museum of Arts and Crafts, Trg maršala Tita 10

From Generation To Generation / The New Haggadah By Arik Brauer

03.04.2017. 19:00

April 3rd 2017 - April 16th 2017 Arik Brauer is a contemporary Austrian artist who will exhibit a new and profound view of key events of Jewish history at the Museum of Arts and Crafts, such as the spring holiday Pesah, whose beginning marks the evening of Seder.

2nd Festival of Tolerance Montenegro / Podgorica, KIC

Mirko Ilić - "Anti-Masonic posters"

30.05.2016. 18:00

    "Anti-Masonic posters" is a thematic exhibition of Nazi propaganda posters in Serbia during the World War II. The posters are owned by world-renowned designer Mirko Ilic. The exhibition is being held as an additional program of the Festival of Tolerance and can be seen from May...

Children's View - "Drawing Against Oblivion"


09.-15.04.2016. Europa cinema, Müller Hall We started the Jubilee Festival year on the International Day of Remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust, the 27th of January, with the opening of the impressive exhibition "Drawing against oblivion" by Manfred Bockelmann...


Alessandro Penso - "From Afar"


This work tells the stories of the refugees, asylum seekers and migrants who have reached Europe after imaginable journeys and explores the impact of the changes and contradictions in Europe’s approach to immigration and reception at the entry points to the EU...

Seiji Kimoto - "Power and Powerless"


Author:  SEIJI KIMOTO 25. 02. 2016. - 25. 03. 2016.  Gradska Hiža, Ljubljana As part of FOT Ljubljana, with his exhibition "Power and Powerless", we introduce the renowned Japanese artist Seiji Kimoto, whom we had the honor of hosting in Zagreb, in 2012...

Manfred Bockelmann - "Drawing Against Oblivion"


  Manfred Bockelmann’s large format portraits of children and youth With the exhibition by Manfred Bockelmann “Drawing Against Oblivion”, set in the French Pavilion in Zagreb and opening on the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, on 27 January...

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