The present and future of Croatia are concerning since unfortunately it appears that even the most horrific of phenomena such as fascism  seem capable of repeating themselves, concluded the discussion forum Our Daily Fascism, organized as part of the 13th Festival of Tolerance and held on the symbolically selected date of the 10th of April. The panelists, former President of the Republic of Croatia Ivo Josipović, historians Tvrtko Jakovina and Goran Hutinec and attorney Čedo Prodanović agreed that things can change for the better if the most important pillars of power – the Catholic Church, politicians and financial bigwigs take a clear stance and do not allow the normalization of the Ustaša movement.

The new program, held with the support of UNHCR Croatia and dedicated to the integration of refugees in society, will be held based on the concept of the Digital School of Cinema, and is intended for students of higher grades of elementary schools and secondary schools. During the three days of the Festival, through film and discussion, the students were allowed to develop empathy, solidarity and critical thinking.

The fourth day program comprised as many as 19 films, including the short animated musical History of White People in America dealing with the less-known history of race relations in the USA. When presenting the film, director Clementine Briand said she decided to do a musical animated film in order to make it easier for audiences to understand something as controversial as racism. "There are no differences between people. Racism is constructed, as well as our social, societal and legal systems, which is precisely why we have to continue to talk about the causes of division and our perception of the differences that do not really exist," said Briand.

The audience particularly enjoyed the American comedy To Dust, which received the Tribeca Film Festival audience award, and the global festival circuit hit Diamantino, a sort of comedy with elements of a queer SF thriller. The Tuškanac cinema was the place to be for jazz enthusiasts, where they could enjoy the screening of the award-winning documentary It Must Schwing!, on the origins of the legendary record label Blue Note Records. This year’s guest film festival, Interfilm Berlin, presented the Zagreb audience with 16 short films. This program will continue on Thursday at 3:00 pm in the Student Center’s MM Center.

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