Tomorrow "Let's go" to Verhoeven

Tomorrow "Let's go" to Verhoeven


The guest of honor of the 10th Festival of Tolerance - JFF Zagreb - Michael Verhoeven - is not only one of the most famous German directors, but directors in general. On this years Festival of Tolerance he will present his movie "Let's go", which will screen on Thursday, April 14th, at Europa cinema, from 7 PM. The audience will have a chance to talk to the director after the film.

The film "Let's go", last year’s winner of the German Television Academy award for the best costume, gives a sharp commentary on the post-war German society in this adaptation of the autobiography of Laura Waco.

Overcome with grief at her fathers funeral in 1968, Laura looks back with fresh eyes at her parents decision to move back to Germany after surviving the Holocaust, at their incapacity to escape the shadow of the genocide, their denial of their own Judaism, and the deeply conflicted psychology that was the legacy of their plight and others like them. The film is a beautifully wrought, subtly probing investigation of the complex notion of German-Jewish identity.

The so called "nasty boy" of German cinema is the author of numerous and impressive films and documentaries that strive to show the real truth without reading between the line, and tries to reach the people and show the public the real past, present but also future situation


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