This year's Festival of Tolerance programe was presented

This year's Festival of Tolerance programe was presented


During a press conference The Festival of Tolerance revealed what is expecting us during seven festival days - more than 70 films, two exhibitions, discussions, round tables, book and project presentations, already traditional educational mornings and the Festival market, two concerts and, of course, the closing party.

The organizers of the Festival of Tolerance presented at today's press conference, what to expect in week between April - 14 in Europa and Tuškanac cinemas, and this year for the first time also at Kinoteka cinema. Efraim Zuroff, also known as the Nazi Hunter, Firas Fayyad, the director of the best documentary film of the Sundance Film Festival 2017, „The Last in Aleph“, Major Dodge, the producer of the „Les Miserables“, Nicolo Donato, the director of the film „Over the Sea, are just some of the intriguing guests.

Taking into consideration that the Festival of Tolerance is not just a film festival but it is also trying to point out the important questions of gender, sex, race and social status, to promote the idea of equality and create a more tolerant society. It brings you a rich film programme that covers those very themes , this year with a special focus on the refugee issue, which is one of the burning humanitarian issues of today.

Apart from with the film programme, the educational part of the festival is also presented, including the presentation of the intriguing book by Efraim ZuroffOperation The Last Chance“ and an initiative that led to conviction of one hundred and ten Nazi criminals, as well as an educational mornings with already a tradition of live Branko Lustig's testimony of the holocaust, and this year's visit of Mrs Cathy Gelbin, PhD, a respected German lecturer in film and German studies at the University of Manchester, specialized in German-Jewish culture and the holocaust area. Her lecture "Walking through the fire hoop" discusses the holocaust display in films.

For the impatient ones, starting from April 5, at the five public Zagreb locations there will be a world-famous collection of portrait photographs Humanae, by a Brazilian artist Angelica Dass, that will personally take us throuhg the famous public city locations where her works will be exibited. Additionally, a young Spanish artist Silvia Grav will present the project About the holocaust - a collection of black and white photographs, exhibited at the Gallery of Archaeological Museum in Zagreb from April 10 - 20. Both artists will present themselves and their works during a lecture in Europa cinema, and Silvia Grav will also talk about ways of self-promotion of artists over the Internet, given that she is made famous by Flickr, highlighting her among 20 artists under the age of 20 to follow.

As a part of musical programme the unusual Austrian bend „Month of Sundays“ is awaiting you, bringing the sounds of post rock and jazz to Zagreb, and fans of chamber music will be delighted by the performance of Cimbalom duo at the Hungarian Institute Balassi with their combination of traditional Hungarian and roman music with jazz and classics.

The entrance to all projections and accompanying programmes is free of charge. Learn about accompanying events on the social networks of the Festival and choose your favorite projections from the projection schedule published on the web.

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