Schools visited the exhibition

Schools visited the exhibition


The exhibition "From generation to generation" by Arik Brauer, which was realized as part of the 11th Festival of tolerance, hosted elementary schools. This prompted a dialogue about Jewish art and religion that is represented on the illustrations made for the New Haggadah.


Arik Brauers New Haggadah illustrates Biblical events and offers an insight in one of the most important Jewish holidays - Pesach. The Haggadah is a Jewish liturgical text read on the occasion of the Seder Pesach, a ritual dinner marking the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Pesach, celebrating the exodus of Jews from 400 years of slavery in Egypt and their liberation. Pesach is sometimes also called the holiday of unleavened bread, which symbolizes the movement when Jews left Egypt abruptly, without enough time for bread to rise.


Comments from the school:

"In cooperation with the Festival of Tolerance and our Hebrew class, OŠ Lauder Hugo Kon organized the visit the exhibition FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION / NEW HAGGADAH BY ARIK BRAUER for elementary school students. Our dear student Lea Ljubotina from 8th grade will, from this Tuesday, present to students of all elementary schools a short presentation about the Pesach and Haggadah.

Students from 1st to 4th grades of OŠ Lauder Hugo Kon supported Lea with an organized visit in the afternoon hours after school lunch and by participating in the interpreting the illustration and talking about the Pesach customs."


Photo: students from the 7th grade of OŠ Grof Janko Drašković

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