The last day of the 13th Festival of Tolerance, Saturday, April the 13th, brings three eye-catching children’s films from the Festival’s new program Small Steps.

The most successful Danish film in the past 34 years, Checkered Ninja will be shown in Kinoteka at 11:00 a.m. In this animated blockbuster, a boy receives a Ninja doll as a gift that turns out to be alive and helps the boy with his problems at school. The boy wants to return the favor, but soon finds out that the checkered ninja is on a revenge mission.

At 3 p.m. audiences can watch the film Psychobitch in the same cinema, a film about 15-year old Frida who totally assumes the role of the class outsider. Her classmates agree: Frida is so weird. Frida has no intention of letting the class golden boy “fix” her. When the two are paired up as study buddies, their study sessions become the catalyst for a turbulent relationship.

At 5 p.m Kinoteka will show the film A Colony, a hit at the Berlin Film Festival, where it was awarded with the Crystal Bear for Best Children's Film. Introverted Mylia is in search of her own identity, lost between the uncertainty in her family life, the superficial atmosphere at her new school and her first experiences at house parties. Meeting Jimmy, a boy from the nearby Abenaki reserve, helps her to break free.

Children and young people live in an abundance of audiovisual content, but what they are chronically missing are guidelines on how to consume such content. This is why the selection of films in this program section is so important. The Small Steps program comprises eye-catching, but educational films that deviate from the dominant, mostly American films for children and young people in regular cinema distribution.

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