Zagreb, I love you so much

11. 4. 2018. | 18:30 | kino Tuškanac


The round table " Zagreb, I love you so much " follows the screening of the film "Dear Neighbors" directed by Nebojša Slijepčević. The film depicts reactions of the inhabitants of a Zagreb settlement to their new neighbors - asylum seekers.

The main topic of the round table is "Prejudice and Integration", and it will focus on the types of discrimination that other people of the different skin color, nationality or religion encounter in everyday life in Croatia, but also some positive examples of their integration.

Association Jewish Film Festival Zagreb, the organizer of the Festival of Tolerance, together with ten other civil society organizations is a member of the Network of Anti-Discrimination Contact Points of the People's Ombudswoman.

Participating in the round table are: mr. sc. Tena Šimonović Einwalter, Deputy to the Ombudswoman of Republic of Croatia, Lea Horvat of the Center for Peace Studies, Anita Košar Ulemek of the Civic Rights Project Sisak, Jelena Nestorović of the Serbian National Council - all representatives from the member organization of the Network - and Daniela Draštata, screenwriter of the film "Dear Neighbors".

The conversation will be moderated by Ms. Jasmina Popović.

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