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10. 4. 2018. | 20:00 | cinema Europa


For more than 3 years, the term refugee crisis has been among the main topics of public debate as a result of an unprecedented number of refugees and migrants who seek asylum in the European Union via the Mediterranean Sea or across South East Europe. Most of these people come from Syria and to a lesser extent from Afghanistan and Iraq, but also from Sub-Saharan Africa, Pakistan and the Western Balkans. The European Union and its member states are looking for ways to deal with the refugee wave crisis, but also are trying to find quality models of refugee and asylum integration into the new social environment and the state.

The round table will discuss border policy and control within the Schengen area, also discuss about accepting the quota of refugees across Europe, issues of paperwork and refugee documents, the integration of migrants and refugees in European societies, and the deployment that has emerged between EU member states, which jeopardizes solidarity within the Union.

Mr. Firas Fayyad, director, journalist and Syrian refugee, currently living and working in Denmark, will be one of the panelists.  His last film "Last Men in Aleppo“, whose screening will be held just before the round table, was nominated for the prestigious Oscar Award and won numerous awards all over the world.

Besides him panelists are: Mr. Branko Baričević, the Head of the European Commission Representation for Croatia, Mr. Giuseppe DiCaro, the UNHCR's representative in Croatia, and Mr. Tvrtko Barun, the Director of the Jesuit Refugee Service in South East Europe and the winner of the European Citizen Award in 2017.

The conversation will be moderated by Ms Jasmina Popović.

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