Press conference was held

Press conference was held


Today, in a beautiful setting of Sheraton Hotel a press conference was held to present the program of the 11th Festival of Tolerance, which will be held in Europe Cinema, Tuškanac Cinema and Cultural and Informational Centre in Zagreb. The conference was attended by all the major media, together with those who follow the local Zagreb scene.

The program of the Festival was presented at the Sheraton Hotel by its president, a double Oscar winner, Branko Lustig and director Natasa Popović. The two of them have a difficult task each year - from online, submitted and directly invited films they have to choose the best that aim to preserve the memory of the victims of the Holocaust and to promote human rights and freedoms, tolerance and acceptance of diversity.

Festival of tolerance officially begins on 8th of April at 19h in the Europa Cinema with screening of the remake of the cult film of the sixties„Naked among Wolves“ by a German director Philipp Kadelbacha. It is a cinematic reinterpretation of the novel by Bruno Apitz from 1958, which became a symbol of anti-fascist resistance movement in East Germany.

Certainly worth a look is the movie „Fog in August“ from 2016, directed by Kai Wessel, in which Karl Markovics plays the supporting role. He is one of the guests of this year's festival. Karl Markovics is an award-winning Austrian actor and director who will present to Zagreb audience his own movies "Superworld“ from 2015 and "Breathing" from 2011 with which Karl has won The Heart of Sarajevo Award and numerous other international awards.

The Academy Award and Emmy Award-winning director Thomas Lennon, will visit Zagreb and present his new documentary film "Sacred" which explores the importance of religion in daily life around the world. Also, the Festival guest is a theater, film and television director Marek Tomasz Pawlowski, an award-winning author of poetic documentary "Touched by an Angel" from 2015, about the incredible memories of a little boy Henryk Schoenkera born in a town which was on the  Auschwitz grounds. Clarie Ferguson, the director who worked on the film "Eyes Wide Shut" and "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" is also the guest of the festival.

This year you can expect the best music festival program ever, and the main guests are Valami Swing band that cultivates gypsy jazz, Edi Nultz, a band characterized by an unusual blend of indie rock and jazz and KIDS N CATS electropop quartet from Vienna, concerts which are organised in cooperation with longterm partners of the festival, Austrian Cultural Forum Zagreb and Institut Balassi in Zagreb.

Overture in this year's festival events will be the opening of the exhibition "From Generation to Generation / The New Haggadah" by Arik Brauer on 3rd of April at the Museum of Arts and Crafts.

"Since its first edition, the Festival of tolerance has been and remains a place that combines different audiences, fosters different preferences and beliefs, but also is a place which encourages reflection on different positions. It started with the idea of ​​raising awareness and maintaining the collective memory of the Holocaust by using it as an example for the transfer of experiences from the past, but, listening to the needs of society, during the ten years of the Festival, we touched upon the various other topics which awareness can and should provide a common better future " emphasized Nataša Popović, director of the Festival of tolerance, which is supported by the City of Zagreb, Austrian cultural forum, companies Orbico and Atlantic, Sheraton Hotel and all of those who supported the festival.

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