Opening of the exhibition "A Good Day"

Opening of the exhibition "A Good Day"


Tomorrow is marking the International Holocaust Remebrance Day. Andrew M. Mezvinksy's exibition is reminder of the most sacred chapter in human history.

More frightening than any camp and suffering would be to talk about the horrors of that time rermain untold-the conclusion of today's press conference where representatives of the Festival of Tolerance-JFF Zagreb in partnership with the Austrian Cultural Forum and the Student Center presented the young American artist Andrew M.Mezvinsky whose exibition will mark the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which commemorates tomorrow.

A press conference was also attended by Susanne Ranetzky, Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum Zagreb; IDA Salamon, a representative of the Jewish Museum in Vienna; Andrew m. Mezvinsky, the author of the exhibition One good day and Branko Lustig, President of the Festival of tolerance, a two-time Academy Award winner (Schindler's list) and survived prisoner of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

The young American artist, inspired by the autobiographical testimony of Italian writer Prima Levi, on the survival of Auschwitz, has created a multimedia installation that symbolizes freedom and a will for life called One Good Day. This name also carries the same name of Levy's book describing all the events that can have a positive effect on the day spent in the camp may be called "good".

"During reading of the book Is that man? especially touched me the chapter in which the writer Primo Levi desribes  feelings on the day of arrival of the spring in the camp when he feels like a man and remembers happy moments-that's what I want to get closer to the audience as an artist, and let every visitor to experience each of the installation in their  own  way under the influence of their own memories and life experiences," said Andrew M.Mezvisky.

Following the United Nations resolution, this exhibition will be a reminder of the horrors of the Holocaust with a special focus on the French Pavilion, from which many Zagreb citizens were taken to death camps. The Citizens' Associations Program Jewish Film Festival Zagreb, which includes Festival of tolerance the Holocaust survival festival, Branko Lustig, has since its foundation focused on preserving the memory of the inexhaustible part of human history.

"It is common to Primo Levy and to me is that we both have numbers on hand.Aushwith broke our hearts.My heart was in those days a bit since I was 12 and he was 24, but there is no diggerence. We came home with broken hearts and with their help came art-he wrote beautiful book, and I made Schindler/s List.The most important message to young people is to never foger what happened."

The exhibition is on a loan from the Jewish Museum in Vienna and will be open to the International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27 at the French Pavilion of the Student Centar and will be available until February 6, 2017.




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