The Festival of Tolerance is a kind of upgrading of the Jewish Film Festival, as was the title of the Festival for its first 8 years of existence. Social changes, an increase in violence and hate speech, as well as the general alienation of an individual from the collective responsibility for the world we leave behind, have initiated the program turn to all socially responsible issues and issues that need to be openly propagated and thus spread the concept from holocaust to all issues promoting tolerance.

That is how the legendary visual identity of Mirko Ilić with the motif of equality, which in correlation forms a star, has inherited a new title, and from this year also a visual identity signed by Babaja Branding & Design Consultancy.

Iva Babaja is an internationally renowned designer with many years of experience and numerous successful projects, as well as an active participant in the social and design scene and the newly elected President of the International Design Council (ico-D, formerly Icograd, 2013-2015). Today she runs her own design and consulting company and is also active in the collective "Croatian Designers in Action" bringing together designers who want to actively contribute to social changes by designing posters and messages for protest for curricular reform and the recent ratification of the Istanbul Convention.

The new visual identity is a true reflection of pluralism and mutual respect as the main values ​​of an open society promoted by the Festival of Tolerance. The modular logotype, dynamic in its form, contains variants in all basic colors, and even typography changes its shape depending on the message it conveys. Particularly emphasized is the logo, consisting of religious and social symbols, which in interrelation creates a space for transmitting messages of dialogue, equality and human rights.

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