New cycle of educational program Film and discussion by Festival of Tolerance

New cycle of educational program Film and discussion by Festival of Tolerance


In the Culture and Information Center Maksimir, on November 7, at 12:00, begins a new cycle of Film and Discussion (FiD) Festival of Tolerance. The first film to be screened is "My Dreams, My Rights" directed by Aaron Wagner (45 min, USA, UAE, Jordan), and the program is intended for students of grades 7 and 8.


"My Dreams, My Rights" was created in the Zaatari refugee camp as a result of a film workshop funded by non-profit organizations Voices of the Children and Save the Children. Syria refugees, teenage years, gained experience in the three-week workshop on the basics of documentary film making and used mobile phones as recorders. "My dreams, my rights" gives the image and knowledge of the life of young people in Zaatar, their growing up and dreams of a better future.

After the film, a panel discussion will be held on the subject of the living conditions of refugees and asylum seekers. Participants of the discussion were Jan Kapić, spokesman for UNCHR Croatia, Tvrtko Barun, Director of the Jewish Refugee Service in South East Europe, and a young person who was granted asylum in the Republic of Croatia. The program's specificity is that the students are the most important "panelists" and that special attention is paid to their inclusion in the debate, encouraging them to sum up and make their own opinion.


The aim of this program, through the film, is to open the eyes of the young and to raise awareness of the existence of intolerance and discrimination in all its forms and to convey the basic ideas of the Festival: promoting tolerance, humor and acceptance of diversity.

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