Karavan Familia

Karavan Familia

10.Festival Tolerancije Zagreb, Swanky Monkey Garden (Ilica 50)

Four voices - One family

The Karavan Familia is a Gipsy World-music group from Hungary that plays traditional Gipsy music arrangements with individual effects and sounds. They have a real Gipsy atmosphere with some Mississippi blues, flamenco, rumba and eastern roots.

They are a real family with parents being István Nagy (vocal, guitar, tamboura, blues harmonica) and Ilona Farkas (vocal, dance) played before in Romanyi Rota, Romano Kokalo, and István was a guest artist on Transglobal Underground recording "Rejoice, Rejoice" (1998). 

Karavan Familia wants to popularise and preserve the artistic and human value of Gipsy culture. Their aim is to refresh Gipsy folk music in Hungary by mixing traditional and popular elements in their music.


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