Interesting and diverse music program at the 11th festival of tolerance

Interesting and diverse music program at the 11th festival of tolerance


All lovers of urban sound will enjoy this year's top music programme. DJ Kuna, Valami Swing and KIDS N CATS will put everyone in good mood.

Zagreb, 11 April 2017 – The music programme of the 11th edition of the Festival of Tolerance started last Saturday at the recently opened Pločnik club with DJ Kuna's. DJ Kuna is a Croatian musician active on the alternative cultural scene for many years. 

Gypsy jazz band Valami Swing will perform at Swanky Monkey Garden, on Ilica 50. Their music is based on free improvisations supplemented by author's compositions. It inspires the atmosphere of bars, dance jazz evenings and the golden age of jazz. Their unique sound is a combination of sing, hot jazz, jazz hits, traditional Roma music, chansons and Balkan melodies, and it is simply called - European jazz.

Loud, wild and somewhat vehement electro-pop quartet KIDS N CATS will perform at Pločnik on Thursday at 11 PM. The combination of pulsating electro-pop rhythms and soft pop generate are sure to excellent entertainment and an unforgettable experience.

Edi Nulz, an Austrian bend amalgamating interesting and rarely seen mixture of indie rock and jazz, will play after the closing ceremony of the Festival. This jazz trio without a bass and a rock band without a singer has been developing a different yet excellent style that delights the audience at every concert they play. Come to Vinyl, on 3 Bogovićeva Street on Friday and enjoy their musical performance.  

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