From Generation To Generation / The New Haggadah By Arik Brauer

From Generation To Generation / The New Haggadah By Arik Brauer


Exhibition opening of the Austrian artist Arik Brauer is the best overture to the 11th Festival of Tolerance which is held in Zagreb from 8th untill 14th of April


Last night at the Museum of Arts and Crafts an exhibition of illustrations "From generation to generation / New Haggadah," the Austrian artist Arika Brauer was officially open.

The ceremony was attended by the mayor of Zagreb, Milan Bandic, Austrian Ambassador Andreas Wiedenhoff, director of the Austrian Cultural Forum Susanne Ranetzky, director of the Jewish Museum in Vienna Danielle Spera, Director of the Museum of Arts and Crafts Miroslav Gasparović, representatives of ministries and many other distinguished guests.

Arik Brauer is a versatile artist who specializes in drawing, dancing, singing and stage design. His works reflects the surrealism, and he had in 1982 his first solo exhibition in the United States. He is also an author and a designer of architectural projects in Austria and Israel, and the facades and interiors of his buildings are characterized by fantastic mosaics, frescoes and painted tiles. The exhibition in Zagreb shows his vision of beautiful illustrated books Haggadah go Pesach, from which they read the story of the liberation of the Jews from slavery and the Exodus during the spring of Passover.

This exhibition is the best overture to the events on the 11th Festival of tolerance whose president is Branko Lustig, a double Oscar winner and surviving prisoner of the concentration camp Auschwitz. He was impressed and inspired with Brauer illustrations and vivid colors which reminiscent the ones of the Croatian naive painters.

"For me, the Passover feast is the one of love. I will never forget an event in Krakow when we were filming Schindler's List. At the Seder dinner, which is the beggining of this holiday, suddenly German actors who played the SS in the film, appeared. Steven Spielberg has invited them to the dinner, and they entered. They approached actresses from Israel and spent their time with them, they hung out and danced until dawn. That evening was a symbolical reconciliation and an event of love. I have forgiven the Germans and I believe that not all of Germans wewr bad. For events in the Second World War are solely to blame the Nazis and Fascists. Therefore, on our Festival of Tolerance we show films about the Nazis and Fascists in the desire of education that evil could never happen again, "said Branko Lustig and thanked Natasa Popović, director of the Festival of Tolerance which is - as our Oscar-winner said, most responsible for its maintenance.

Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić has announced the construction of a monument for victims of the Holocaust in Branimir Street in Zagreb Main Central Station and Museum of Tolerance in Radnicka road at the site of the old oil mill.

"Cherising the identity and tradition has became a powerful incentive in the fight against hate and prejudice. I'm here because I believe life and justice will end all acts of hatred, and that the light of the exhibition of Arika Brauer will remind that all the good we do for humanity makes sense" - concluded the mayor of Zagreb.

Organizer of the exhibition is the Festival of Tolerance - JFF Zagreb in partnership with the Austrian Cultural Forum and the Museum of Arts and Crafts. The exhibition will be open until April 16, and is in Zagreb as a loan from the Jewish Museum in Vienna. Its director Danielle Spera said that exactly next Monday the Jewish holiday of Passover begins.

"The beginning of Passover is celebrated with Seder dinner at which the Haggadah is read. At that dinner we ask ourselves why is it special and the answer is that we are not slaves anzmore, and that we are free. At the end of the Seder evening we have a saying, "Next year in Jerusalem," a Jerusalem symbolically marks freedom. Freedom is a gift to all of us and we need to celebrate it every day ", said Danielle Spera.

This year's 11th edition of the Festival of Tolerance in Zagreb brings more than 60 films, two exhibitions, book presentations, concerts, educational mornings, round tables and eight discussions about socially engaged topics. The aim of the festival is to preserve the memory of the victims of the Holocaust and the promotion of human rights and freedoms, tolerance and acceptance of diversity.


Photos Julien Duval

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