Documentaries and Karl Markovics marked the Second day of the Festival of Tolerance

Documentaries and Karl Markovics marked the Second day of the Festival of Tolerance


„The Festival of Tolerance is exceptionally important, especially nowadays with the rise of fascism and negation of its consequences. In the past 25 years, events like those that had taken place in Jasenovac are being concealed and put out of sight. School textbooks do not write about it and children are not being thought about it. This is the reason why I am talking about this topic again, after 50 years. I want to teach the children about the crimes of Jasenovac. This film is full of facts about those crimes. The film will be screened on 22 April, on the day we remember the escape of a group of Jasenovac prisoners. Unfortunately, that is not going to be the day when people will come united to pay their respect to the victims of Jasenovac“,Bogdan Žižić, director of  the film explained to the audience in Zagreb after the screening.

Other guests of the documentary programme were political scientists Anna Von Armin and Barbara Groβe with their personal experience of political imprisonment in East Germany, which is the main topic of the film titled One Day Counts as One Year.

Our guests from Poland, Marek Tomasz Pawlowski and Malgorzata Walczak, have presented their moving film titled The Touch of an Angel about the destiny of a Jewish family in Auschwitz.

The afternoon hours at Kino Europa was reserved for our guest, Karl Markovics and the screening of the 2 films: Fog in August, where he has a small role and Superworld, which he directed.

After Fog in August, a heart-breaking story about a bright boy who was euthanized in the early 1940s at a psychiatry ward in Germany, Markovics said that the Nazis expanded euthanasia to terrifying proportions.

„Policy implemented by the Nazis was just a rehearsal for the Holocaust. Nazis wanted to see how far they could go with their propaganda and whether and to which extent would the society accept it. On the on hand, the society is still discriminating people with mental disorders or disabled persons and I am absolutely against that discrimination- those people should be able to find work. In Austria, there is a law saying that if a company employs 100 employees, it needs to employ a disabled person. that law helps but it would be even better if we would open our minds and if the society would understand that we need to help those people to live normal lives.“

The educational morning with Branko Lustig, will traditionally be held on Monday morning. Mr Lustig will share his personal experience from Nazi death camps with young people after the screening of Fanny's Journey.

A round table titled „Editorial Boards under Fire“ will take place at KIC at 7.30 PM. It will tackle the exposure of journalists to pressure, threats and violence as well as agitation directed to the media.

Ovogodišnja serija diskusija započinje temom o međunarodnoj trgovini oružjem. Na diskusiji naslovljenoj „Vojna industrija - najveći ratni profiteri" danas u 19 u kinu Tuškanac  sudjelovat će vojni analitičar Igor Tabak, novinar, pisac i aktivist Ratko Martinović i sudski vještak za balistiku, vatreno i hladno oružje Dubravko Gvozdanović.

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