Pločnik (Međimurska ul. 21)

Mario Kunštek, better known as DJ Kuna, is a new reinforcement on the urban clubbing scene. His opus includes a variety of styles upgraded by personal interpretation through humorous rap improvisation. DJ Kuna has been active on the scene for more than five years, so far most frequently appearing at clubs such as Brvnara, Swanky, Depot and Funk, which are now an integral part of the monthly clubbing programme.

Since the beginning he has been active on the alternative cultural scene and participated in numerous artistic projects such as Art Park, Yeti Snowboarding Club, Graffiti na Gradele and SC Culture of Change.

At Zagreb’s new club Pločnik, on the 8th of April, for the opening of the 11th Festival of Tolerance – JFF Zagreb, you can expect an eclectic mix of funk, disco, breakbeat, cumbie and afrobeat with an abundance of positive energy that DJ Kuna brilliantly transfers to his audience, completely erasing the boundaries between subcultural styles, bringing together a diverse bunch of people.


photo by Hrvoje Zalukar /

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