Cro docu recommendation for this evening!

Cro docu recommendation for this evening!


Dr. Boris Braun at the age of 97 vividly remembers his early twenties. Back then he was a student of agronomy from a rich family of Jews in Đurđevac. Together with their parents he was taken to Savska and then to Auschwitz, only to see the end of war in Buchenwald. During more than two years he went through five camps and stayed alive. Saved by the current, he says. His father, in fact, brought electricity to Đurđevac, so Boris took to wires after he was not allowed to return to his studies in Zagreb in the early 1940s. He witnessed the interior of the crematorium and the most terrible places of the camp.

Solveg Ruth Sason was born as a second daughter in the family of the industrialist Mario Sason. From a window at home she watched Ban Jelačić Square with her sister. With parents that loved them and with their father's good job, life seemed ideal. But then with the war take their father was taken to Auschwitz where he was killed. The Sason sisters, Ingrid and Solveg, were saved thanks to the Jemić family in Zdenčina who helped them hid from the Nazis. When their third sister was born, Srebrenka Višnja, the destiny set them apart.

If you have ever witnesses the cruelty of Fascism on the Croatian territory, listen to the survivors' testimonies that Ljiljana Mandić translated into a story that will leave you breathless and come to  Kino Tuškanac​ at 8.30 PM to join the discussion after the screening!

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