Closing of the "A Good Day" exhibition

Closing of the "A Good Day" exhibition


The exhibition "One Good Day" by a young American artist with the Viennese address Andrewa Mezvinsky was closed on Monday, February 6th. 

Recall, Andrew Mezvinsky, inspired by the autobiographical testimony of Italian writer Prima Levi, on the survival of Auschwitz, has created a multimedia installation that symbolizes freedom and a will for life called One Good Day. This name also carries the same name of Levy's book describing all the events that can have a positive impact on the fact that the day spent in the concentration  camp may even be called "good". 

The exhibition was open to the International Day of Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27, and for almost 11 days visitors to the French Pavilion were visited by almost 1,000 visitors, most of which are the waste for elementary and high school students. The exhibition was organized by students of 12 different educational institutions, for which professional guidance was provided. 

On the last day of the exhibition a special program was organized. After accompanying the guide to the exhibition, students of XV. Gymnasiums, Private Arts Gymnasium, Lučko and Gracanica Primary School had the opportunity to listen to the testimony of Branko Lustiga, who talked about their experiences from the concentration camps of the Nazi regime, emphasizing the importance of tolerance and mutual respect in today's world. 

The exhibition is well-versed in the media, with over 50 publications in all media types (national and local television, radio, press, portals).

 The organizer of the exhibition is Festival of Tolerance - JFF Zagreb between partnership with the Austrian Cultural Forum and the Student Center. The sponsor of the Festival of Tolerance is the City of Zagreb. The exhibition was on loan from the Jewish Museum in Vienna.

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