The program for Wednesday is bursting with attractive titles, including the Prosecuting Evil, a new documentary by Barry Avrich on Ben Ferencz, the last surviving prosecutor from Nürnberg, who sticks to his motto "law, not war," his entire life. The film is scheduled at 6 pm at Kinoteka cinema, and immediately after the projection there will be a Tolerance Talk with the theme of Our Daily Fascism. Participants of the discussion are former President of the Republic of Croatia Ivo Josipović, historians Tvrtko Jakovina and Goran Hutinec, and attorney Čedo Prodanović.

At 7 pm at the Student Centre Cinema, there will be an American comedy To Dust awarded by the audience award at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival, with Géza Röhrig and Mathew Broderick in leading roles. The Hasidic choirmaster from New York, distraught by the premature death of his wife, is getting friendly with a biology professor and starts a black-comedyand increasingly literal attempt to go underground.

In the same cinema, 9 pm will be the timing for one of the treats of this year's programme. The Portuguese-French comedy Diamantino, awarded with several awards in Cannes, is a story about the football player at the peak of his career, who starts to question himself after an encounter with a refugee crisis and neo-fascism. The film is at the same time an allusion to Cristiano Ronaldo, but also the satirical representation of Europe today.

A unique documentary Path  of Blood (Kinoteka cinema, 9 pm) is a reflection of Islamist terrorism as yet unpublished. Raw uncut footage, seized by Saudi agents, depicts terrorists in jihadist training camps in the Saudi desert.

The music lovers' destination is Tuškanac cinema because at 7 pm there will be a projection of the the documentary It Must Schwing! , the story of the most eminent jazz record label Blue Note, founded by two young Jewish emigrants who treated at the time discriminated African-American artists as equals. Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones, John Coltrane, Thelonius Monk and other jazz masters appear in the film.

The problem of immigration is subject of the film Complicty, which begins at 9 pm at Tuškanac cinema. We will be following the story of a young Chinese illegal immigrant in Japan who is pretending to be somebody else while looking for a job, afraid of being exposed.

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