Amazing film titles, interesting and provocative exhibitions, socially engaging speeches and educational programmes, presentations of associations and great concerts, always with the same mission – nurturing a tolerant, progressive, solidary and potentially wealthy society. The 14th Festival of Tolerance this year takes place from 28 June to 4 July at an open-air venue at Bundek lake in Zagreb, with free admission to all the screenings and side events.

“We thought the 13th edition of the Festival was the unlucky one since we had to make a last-minute relocation from the Europa Cinema, but there you go – 14 didn’t turn out to be much luckier either. Nevertheless, despite all the hiccups, we believe we have a great festival ahead of us. Relevance, attractiveness and originality were our guiding light. The Festival of Tolerance is an inclusive festival, intended for everybody and accessible to all – you don’t need tickets, just good will and interest,” said Nataša Popović, the managing director of the Festival of Tolerance.

A large retrospective of the until recently the honorary president of the Festival of Tolerance, the unique Branko Lustig, was supposed to be the central film event, but given the circumstances, Lustig’s fifteen films will be screened at the next, anniversary edition of the Festival. However, Branko Lustig is not forgotten; the first ever Festival of Tolerance to leave the cinemas will open with one of his films – A Good Year by Ridley Scott, starring Russel Crowe. Branko Lustig was credited as the film’s executive producer.

“We had a lot planned for this year and finally prepared an outstanding film programme a part of which will, I’m sure, thrill the Bundek audience. Twelve exceptional film titles attractively, even humorously, speak about all the subject matters we as a Festival and an Association focus on: the promotion of human rights. The films come from all over the world, we will be hosting interesting guests and I believe the entire programme will catch the audience’s attention and spark interest in both what we are offering and in an analysis of the place and time we live in. A society of prosperity and freedom is possible, but only if we live and build it together,” said Hrvoje Pukšec, the film programme coordinator at the Festival of Tolerance.

The Festival also hosts two outstanding exhibitions. In association with famous Croatian designers and UNHCR, in public transportation across Croatia (Dubrovnik, Osijek, Split, Zadar and Zagreb) people will be able to see ReD, an exhibition of custom-designed posters focusing on the position of refugees across the world and in Croatia, open until 28 June. The Cross of Reconciliation, an exhibition by the engaged avant-garde multimedia artist Vera Fischer will be open on 29 June at Erdeljac Gallery. The exhibition connects the motifs of the cross and the Star of David through an idea of reconciliation and tolerance.

Biom, Humana Nova, JRS – Isusovačka služba za izbjeglice, Nismo same, Prava šapa, YIHR, Zaklada Zajednički put and Domino are the associations presenting their work and programmes at the festival. The 14th Festival of Tolerance educational events will take place in October and November and follow in the footsteps of Branko Lustig. Traditional Educational Matinees speak about the importance of preserving the memory of the Holocaust thanks to testimonies of the Holocaust survivors and speeches given by international experts from France, Germany and Austria. The Film and Discussion event creatively approach to children regarding the issues refugees encounter while trying to integrate in society and the importance of embracing differences.

And since the festival is known for great music as well, this year we look forward to the concerts by Porto Morto DJ Set, DJ Felver, The Bonebomb, SoulBeat, Nepenthe, Le Zbor and Zbor Domaćigosti.

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