The 13th iteration of the Tolerance Festival once again offers a number of discussions related to the films that will be screened as part of the program sections of the Festival. As part of the Tolerance Talk program, this year’s discussion topics will range from the issue of the so-called gay conversion therapy (Miseducation of Cameron Post), community activism (93Queen), issues of Europe and racism (Angelo), human rights – a fabrication of the 20th century? (Prosecuting Evil), the migrant crisis (Styx, Diamantino) to how the Holocaust changed the world (It Must Be Schwing!) and child sexual abuse by members of the clergy (M).

In the devising of the discussions, particular emphasis will be placed on the thematic diversity of the films, with an equal representation of feature and documentary films that precede the discussions. Current affairs (migrant issues, intolerance, women’s rights) increasingly reveal individual social and cultural antagonisms, making the need to speak out on injustice and to insist on dialogue within the community greater than ever.

Precisely because of this, the Tolerance Talk program was conceived as a public platform for the exchange of opinions, questions and answers, agreement and disagreement. In addition to experts from the relevant social fields, the discussions will also involve members of the audience as an important factor in the co-creation of public opinion, and the fostering of civil communication, all for the purpose of building a more open and tolerant society.

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