On Sunday, April 7 begins the 13th edition of the Festival of Tolerance with this year's special emphasis on the importance of accepting the diversity and fundamental principles of equality and fairness together with the selection of great films that deal with key topics and problems of the present.

The Festival will be opened by the film Werewolf, a story about a group of children freed from a concentration camp, only to face new horrors in an abandoned house in the forest. The opening will be attended by the film’s director Adrian Panek. The entrance is possible only with an invitation ticket.

A few films whose focus is set on the current struggle for women’s rights dominate the programme of the Festival. The film titled Eternal Winter is a true story about a woman who lives an unexpected romance in a Soviet work camp after the Soviet occupation of Hungary. Attila Szász was awarded the prize for the best director on the Montreal World Film Festival. The Miseducation of Cameron Post, awarded by the jury on the Sundance Festival, is a film about a girl who is caught having sex with another girl after which she is sent to a gay conversion therapy centre for teenagers. #Female Pleasure is an exceptional documentary tackling the issue of female sexuality by showing a struggle of five women for a balanced relationship between genders, which is, among other things, currently in the focus due to the case of raped nuns.

From the last Cannes International Film Festival, we are bringing The Dead and the Others, awarded the prize Un Certain Regard Special Jury Prize and on the topic of the invidious position of the indigenous peoples in modern Brazil. Another attractive film from the Cannes Festival is Diamantino putting in the focus the story about a famous soccer player and clearly alluding to Cristiano Ronaldo. A true story about a former slave from Africa who became a black mascot of the Viennese aristocracy is presented in the film titled Angelo directed by Marcus Schleinzer who is also the guest of this year’s Festival.

In the framework of a very comprehensive ancillary programme focusing on documentary films we will screen Midnight Traveler, a story about the Afghan filmmaker who has to run from the Taliban together with his family while documenting everything using his smartphone. The documentary It Must Schwing! is a fascinating story about the beginnings of the jazz publishing house Blue Noteestablished by young Jewish immigrants treating discriminated African Americans as their equal partners. 

The Festival of Tolerance will also present its new programme named Tolerance MasterClass in the framework of which a number of Croatian filmmaker will talk about the creation of their films in front of the live audience and cameras. This year, our guests will be Nebojša Slijepčević with his film Srbenka and Bobo Jelčić with his film titled A Stranger.

Educational Mornings will introduce lectures given by the expert from the State Museum Majdanek who will talk about the holocaust atrocities, and by Holocaust survivor Vesna Domany Hardy, who will share her testimony with pupils and students.

On the occasion of the publication of the book titled Jasenovac, a round table will be organised in collaboration with Fraktura publishing house. The round table discussion will tackle the topic of our relation with the Ustasha concentration camp with the participation of Ivo Goldstein, Goran Hutinec, Nataša Mataušić and Lordan Zafranović.

All Festival events will be accompanied with an interesting music programme. Brilliant HI5 – Minimal Jazz Chamber Music and EtnoRom Band, the international gypsy world music sensation from Hungary will undoubtedly thrill all those who appreciate good music.

The entrance to all Festival programmes is free.

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