Thirst For Life

Thirst For Life

Director: Michael Siebert

Cast: Lucie Aron, Papis Loveday

Screening time: 09.04.2016. 21:00

Screening location: Kino Tuškanac

Runtime: 16 min

Awards: "3rd NOIDA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2016 (Official Selection, India) 6th FiLUMS’16 INT’L FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Pakistan) 26th MEDIAWAVE – ANOTHER CONNECTION INT’L FILM FESTIVAL („On the Road“ Online Competition, Hungary) 10th HIGH DESERT INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Nevada, USA)"


Yaya, a pregnant white woman, has been attacked by two men. Her black friend Emeka had to witness everything without being able to help. A third man pushed him to the ground and degraded him. Yaya loses the unborn. She falls into a pit of self-destruction and doubt. Will Emeka be able to catch her and lead her to a loving life? Or will he lose her, too?

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