The Lost European

The Lost European

Director: József Sipos

Screening time: 10.04.2016. 16:45

Screening location: Kino Tuškanac

Runtime: 56 min

Awards: 2015 - Ekaterinburg Documentary Film Festival: Special Prize Festivals: 2015 - Lagów International Film Festival 2015 - Vukovar Film Festival (in competition)


Even after the 70th anniversary of the events, it is purposeful to keep the memory of the Holocaust and Raoul Wallenberg vivid. The film attempts to draw a coherent picture about the pre-war Raoul Wallenberg, who is still not a mythic hero. It deals with the early orphaned child who is still a member of one of the wealthiest Swedish families, though never successful in the world of bourgeoisies. We present a valid picture about a man who got a job according to absolutely contingent causes with a Hungarian Jew and whose fate thus became inter-connected with the tragic fate of Eastern-European Jews.

József Sipos is a Hungarian director, writer and producer. He worked at these films: „A titkos szám“, „Kaland“ and „Feljegyzések az egérlyukból“.

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