Footprints of War

Footprints of War

Director: Maximilian Mönch

Screening time: 15.04.2016. 16:45

Screening location: Kino Europa

Runtime: 52 min

Awards: CinemAmbiente 2014 in Turin, festival member of Green Film Network Best Short Feature (Miglior Mediometraggio)


Military attacks have alarming consequences on our ecosystem. Radioactive contaminated landscapes, many millions of tons of ammunition in our oceans, toxic landscapes, ten percent of global carbon emissions - the military footprint is huge. From WWI until today, nature is under fire.

What does a war mean to our ecosystem and how is the global eco-balance affected? Can a modern war be eco-friendly? What does it mean when a military machinery is put into motion, what resources are needed and how much are used? FOOTPRINTS OF WAR is a film about two antagonist logics: the logic of strength and fight versus the logic of life and balance.

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