Birds of Passage (Oiseaux de passage, Les)

Birds of Passage (Oiseaux de passage, Les)

Director: Olivier Ringer

Cast: Clarisse Djuroski, Léa Warny, Alain Eloy, Myriem Akkhediou, Angelo Dello Spedale

Screening time: 10.04.2016. 11:00

Screening location: Kino Europa

Runtime: 84 min

Awards: Montréal International Children's Film Festival 2015: Won Grand Prix de Montréal for Best Film


Having a birthday on the 29th of February is a bit silly, even more so when you get an unhatched duck egg as a birthday present! But Cathy’s initial scepticism is soon replaced by curiosity. The 10-year-old looks forward with ever- increasing excitement to the day the duckling finally hatches. Unfortunately Cathy misses the precious moment, but her physically handicapped friend Margaux is there instead. It’s clear to both girls that the duckling now has to grow up with its ‘mother’ Margaux. Her parents, however, are dead set against it. Unable to believe that their daughter is capable of taking care of a pet, they pass the creature on to a poultry farm. Completely outraged, the two friends set off on an adventurous mission to free the duckling.

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