Announcement of ITW contest results

We are announcing the names of ten participants who will attend the International Talent Workshop 2012. Participants are divided into two groups.

Group 1

Aleksandra Panisko, Poland (directing)

Monika Kmita, Poland (cinematography)

Ivana Čulina, Croatia (editing)

Igor Bogdanović, Croatia (sound)

Ante Katić, Croatia (screenplay, assistant director)

Group 2

Nataliya Ilchuk, Ukraine (directing)

Smiljka Guštak, Croatia (cinematography)

Manuela Borza, Romania (editing)

Marko Crnogorski, Macedonia (assistant director)

Erik Lončar (sound)

Screenplay by: Marija Škrlec

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s contest.