JFF visiting the Serbian Orthodox Gymnasium

The Zagreb Jewish Film Festival Association along with Mr. Branko Lustig, honorary president of the Festival, accepted the invitation of the Kantakuzina Katarina Brankovic Serbian Orthodox Gymnasium from Zagreb to visit their school on Monday, September 17. After the screening of the moving 30-minute documentary film “We Must Remember”, a film shot by students from the U.S. who were encouraged to learn about the Holocaust by their history class project, Mr. Branko Lustig gave a short lecture to students and school staff on the subjects of tolerance, peace and inter-religious dialogue, based on his own experience in the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp, and conveying a clear message that only love, forgiveness and understanding are the  the right way to a happy coexistence. The Lecture by Mr. Lustig was accompanied by warm applause and honest gratitude of the children and teachers of the school.

We thank the school principal, Mr. Slobodan Lalic, and school staff for their help in the realization of the project.