DJ Rea (JabbaTon, Radio 808 / HR)

Sunday, 20. May at 22:00

DJ Rea (JabbaTon, Radio 808 / HR)DJ Rea (JabbaTon, Radio 808 / HR)

Supercaffé, Preobraženska 3, Zagreb

Her beginning as a DJ was in 2004, when she became bored pestering other DJs to spin the tunes she wanted to hear, and with her happy, dancing, mash-up sets she got herself over 400 appearances in the last 7 years, throughout the region, and in UK, Norway and Slovakia, as a guest at the most important music festivals in our region, as well (EXIT, T-Mobile, INMusic,Outlook, Hideout, Hartera, Terraneo, Share…)..

Rea is a member of Zagreb collective JabbaTon, she hosts her own radio show on Radio 808 and the clubbing programme TGIF in the VIP club, she works as a resident DJ in the Lounge & Cocktail Bar of Regent Esplanade Hotel, and as the head of the Creative A&R Department of our major regional music publishing company IDM Music.


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