CFSN DJs (Funk Guru, Æon, …)

Friday, 25. May at 23:00

CFSN DJs (Funk Guru, Æon, ...)CFSN DJs (Funk Guru, Æon, ...)

LEMON bar & club, Ljudevita Gaja 10, Zagreb

CFSN DJs is one of the major confusion projects, and today it presents itself in new robes, with addition of no less than three new members.  On their musical mission, they have appeared as guests on stages from Bulgaria to Macedonia, in far-off London, Berlin, Geneva, Bratislava, Prague etc. They are frequent guests on the biggest music festivals in this part of Europe, they have already staged EXIT three times, have been regular guests of the Outlook Festival, and performed at Hideout Festival, Elevate in Graz, Soundwave Sziget Festival in Budapest, Share in Belgrade, Pomladi Festival in Ljubljana, Hartera, Terraneo, Seasplash, Atlantis Festival, MTV Valkana Beach Festival and many other.

Under the umbrella of Burn Studios, they became the musical ambassadors for the Republic of Croatia, which alone tells enough of the CFSN DJs team quality.


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