World Class Kids

R. Netta Loevy, Documentary, 54' min., Israel, 2010.
Thursday, 24. May at 18:30 / Cinema Europa

Svjetski razred World Class Kids


“An Arab, a Jew, a Chinese, and a Philippine walk to school …” – sounds like the beginning of an old joke, but these are some of the second-grade pupils attending an elementary  school, in the heart of Tel Aviv. The film follows the pupils’ interactions among themselves and with Meirav, their teacher. Meirav has to adapt the ill-suited educational materials, which are in contradiction with the needs of her classroom’s post-modern melting pot. The film follows the class throughout one school-year, which becomes volatile as the Gaza War upsets the social dynamics in the classroom. With poignant intuition the children point out basic conflicts in Israeli society, deal with painful identity issues, and experience first cracks in their childhood naivety.


  • 2011. - Grand Prize of "Issues in Education" section at EBS International Documentary Film Festival, Korea
  • 2010. - Jury Special Award for Best Documentary – "Spirit of Freedom" – Jerusalem International Film Festival

Trailer: World Class Kids