The Rescuers

R. Michael King, Documentary, 95' min., U.S., 2011.
Saturday, 26. May at 17:00 / Cinema Europa

SpasiteljiThe Rescuers


Michael King, redatelj


While Spielberg’s Schindler’s List illuminated the previously little-known story of a German businessman who saved hundreds of Jews from the concentration camps during WWII, there were many such heroes who defied the Nazis to save countless Jews from a similar fate – chief among them the 12 diplomats whose efforts are documented in this riveting documentary from award-winning filmmaker Michael King.

The film traces the journey of Stephanie Nyombayire, a young Rwandan anti-genocide activist who teams up with Sir Martin Gilbert, the renowned Holocaust historian, to travel across 15 countries and three continents interviewing survivors and descendants of the diplomats who rescued tens of thousands of Jews from the unspeakable horrors of the Nazi death camps. While Nyombayire embarks upon this quest in an effort to uncover potential solutions for the ongoing genocide in Darfur and elsewhere, what emerges from their journey is more a testament to the ways in which the inherent good in the human spirit can trump institutional evil.


  • 2011. – Palm Beach International Film Festival – Best Documentary
  • 2011. – Palm Beach International Film Festival – Best of the Fest
  • 2011. – Beloit International Film Festival – Best Soundtrack
  • 2011. – Beloit International Film Festival – Best Documentary
  • 2011. – Monaco Intarnational Film Festival – Best Narration, Documentary and Feature, Film Humanitarian Award
  • 2011. – New York International Film Festival – Best Historical Documentary

Trailer: The Rescuers