The Way Up

R. Shirly Berkovitz, Documentary, 52' min., Israel, 2009.
Tuesday, 22. May at 12:00 / Cinema Europa

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During Ceausescu’s regime in Romania, abortions were illegal and orphanages were full of children whose mothers could not keep them. This is where Lian grew up till the age of four, when an Israeli couple chose to adopt her amongst many abandoned children -

a beautiful girl with huge sad eyes. Not long after, it became clear that the home she was brought to in Israel was an abusive one and at the age of 14 she ran away from home and soon found herself living in the streets.

The Way Up is the humane story of a street girl’s struggle for survival against all odds, led by the dream of her true family. Alone in this world, she teaches herself to deal with the harsh reality and searches for ways to alleviate her loneliness. The film follows Lian for three years and reveals the cruel and tough world of today’s street kids in Tel Aviv.


  • 2011. - Belgrade Doc. and Short Film Festival - Gold Medal for Best Documentary
  • 2010. - Romania International Film Festival - Best Documentary
  • 2009. - TLVFest GLBT Int'l Film Festival - Honorable Mention

Trailer: The Way Up