Music Man Murray

R. Richard Parks, Short, 22' min., U.S., 2011.
Saturday, 26. May at 22:00 / Cinema Europa

Music Man Murray Music Man Murray


Music Man Murray is a 22-minute portrait of Murray Gershenz, 88, who is struggling to find a buyer for the nearly half-million records in his Los Angeles rare-record store. Though business has never been worse, Murray (a former synagogue cantor and opera buff) still spends most days inside the dusty old warehouse store with his son, the emotional Irv. Irv, 53, clings to the collection and his father with an almost pathetic obeisance, though he must soon say goodbye to both, forever. The drama between father and son, dual eccentrics who evoke contrasting sympathies in the viewer, provides a humorous and moving counterpoint to the story about Murray’s legacy


  • Winner of the Marlon Riggs Documentary Prize

Trailer: Music Man Murray