R. Karl Markovics, Featured, 93' min., Austria, 2011.
Saturday, 26. May at 22:00 / Cinema Europa



Thomas Schubert, Karin Lischka, Georg Friedrich


Thomas Schubert, glumac


Roman Kogler (Thomas Schubert) is 19 years old and has lived all his life in institutions.  Abandoned by his mother as a young child and raised in an orphanage, he is now serving time in a juvenile detention centre having accidentally killed a boy of his own age in a brawl.  A solitary boy with an uncommunicative attitude, he has no friends, family or connections to turn to in the outside world.  But when threatened with a life behind bars unless he finds a job and sticks to it, he eventually finds a probation job shifting dead bodies at the municipal morgue in Vienna. The work is physically and emotionally draining and his co-workers are not exactly welcoming.  But when Roman is one day faced with a dead woman who bears his family name, it occurs to him that this may be the mother who gave him up for adoption and he begins to explore his past.


  • 2011. - Cannes Film Festival - Label Europa Cinemas
  • 2011. - Molodist International Film Festival - FIPRESCI Prize - Best Film
  • 2011. - Molodist International Film Festival - Scythian Deer - Grand Prix
  • 2011. - Zurich Film Festival - Golden Eye - Best German Language Feature Film

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