22. - 28. 5. 2011. KINO EUROPA

Film Program

Film projections from 22. to 28. May, 2011., cinema Europa, Zagreb
The 5th Jewish Film Festival theme is "Women in Holocaust".


Special project related to teaching young people about the Holocaust, called "Educational Mornings"

Music Program

During the seven days of the Festival you will enjoy a very interesting music program that we prepared for you this year.

Thematic Exhibitions

An exhibition titled "Women in the Holocaust"

Talent Workshop

For Up-And-Coming Screenwriter, Directors, Cinematographers, Editors And Production Sound Recordists/Mixers

Film program

Film projections from 22. to 28. May, 2011., cinema Europa www.kinoeuropa.hr, Zagreb

Last Modified: 21. December 2010.

Women in Holocaust

The Fifth Jewish Film Festival is dedicated to women in the Holocaust and the life stories of girls, women, mothers and wives who lived at the time of the dark side of history, the Second World War, hence to their strength, love, faith and sacrifice. Apart from the films that deal with the topic of the Holocaust, the audience will be able to see films related to Jewish traditions and culture, and events from recent history. Film screenings are the main part of the program and the evaluation of films by the audience will decide on the best and most impressive film, as it has been customary every year. To attract as many viewers as possible, and to make the content of the festival available to everyone, the tickets for movie screenings are free. The film screenings traditionally take place in the “Europa” cinema.

This year’s edition will be enriched with about forty film projections of different genres.  All film projections are subtitled Croatian and English version to make them attainable for numerous visitors and tourists from abroad. All film projections are free of charge for the audience.

The film program is enriched by the outstanding film achievements with topics closely related to Judaism, from Croatia and the world. Their quality is guaranteed by prestigious global awards. Jewish Film Festival makes a cultural offer of Zagreb and Croatia richer for another important event that will surely find its place on the rich festival scene, and will certainly become recognized and indispensable cultural event. Film festivals with Jewish topics in various forms are organized in almost all European and world capitals like London, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, New York, Boston and Hong Kong. The value of that type of project is confirmed by an exceptional interest of the general public for the portrayed contents, and by the active support of world known companies.