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International Talent Workshop

International film workshop “International Talent Workshop” (ITW)

Last Modified: 29. January 2011.

About the workshop

International film workshop “International Talent Workshop” (ITW) is a continuing project of the Association of Contemporary Jewish Film Festival Zagreb which we’ve started in 2008. The ten participants, divided into two groups, are being lead through both theoretical and practical parts of the workshop by professional lecturers and mentors, Croatian and international, who are helping and directing them towards a successful realization of two short films.

This eight-day workshop is gathering young generations of filmmakers from around the world, with different attitudes, religious views and nationalities, with the goal of promoting cultural diversity and eliminating stereotypes and prejudices in a manner more familiar to them. That is the way of developing the filmmaking and the creative bond between young talents from Croatia, Europe and the world. The result is a collaboration that continues even after the workshop is over. ITW film workshop is held each year in parallel with the Zagreb Jewish Film Festival and, as part of the Festival, in the cinema Europa the two short films are premiered.

As a part of the premiere show, a prize is awarded to the ITW’s group that, according to the decision made by the jury of experts, has made a better short film. ITW film workshop has raised interest in various countries from all continents and has been promoted in specialized film magazines and other media. By distributing promotional materials, contacting and collaborating with renowned international film schools and festivals, we are promoting the workshop on a global level.

The experience of organizing such an international, free of charge film workshop has passed on the need of working in small groups, with a small number of participants who are at approximately same level of experience and knowledge. An individual approach to each participant is also important to us so that every one of them can gain maximum knowledge and experience.